Azerbaijan Casinos Online


Is online gambling legal in Azerbaijan?

Most forms of gambling were outlawed in Azerbaijan until very recently. However, the country has started to loosen its gambling laws in just the last few years. Today, licensed online casinos do exist in Azerbaijan. To get a license, the site must operate as a trustee of a state-owned company. When a site is fully licensed in Azerbaijan, it’s very safe to use and offers a lot of player protections.

Can I access offshore casino sites from inside Azerbaijan?

Yes you can, but it might be a bit difficult. The reason is that Azerbaijan actually has tried to block all international casino sites from access within the country. However, there are still plenty of offshore casino sites that accept players from Azerbaijan. If you can find one that is not blocked, you can use it. Azerbaijan does not truly enforce its ban on international online gambling.

Is land-based casino gambling legal in Azerbaijan?

Land-based casino gambling is not allowed in Azerbaijan. Interestingly, Azerbaijan actually had a rather liberal attitude towards casino gambling until a scandal broke in 1998 where the then-president’s son lost several million dollars while gambling. After that, casino gambling was banned in the country. However, gambling laws have recently been relaxed. Online casino gambling is now allowed via state licensed sites.

What types of gambling are legal in Azerbaijan?

Unfortunately, land-based casino gambling is illegal in Azerbaijan. However, online casino gambling is legal via state licensed sites. Additionally, sports betting, bingo and lottery are legal in Azerbaijan. Sports betting was legalized in 2011 for both online and offline betting. Lottery and bingo are run by the Ministry of Economic Development. The government of Azerbaijan has a monopoly on lottery and bingo in the country.

Can I use Azerbaijan manat as currency at online casinos?

If you play at casinos licensed within Azerbaijan, then you can use manat as currency. At offshore casino sites, you might have a harder time using this currency. While many of these sites take virtually every currency from accepted countries, many payment methods do not. You should check both the casino site and the payment method you’re using for info about accepted currencies and currency conversion.