Best Online Casinos in Germany


❓ Is Online Gambling Legal in Germany?

Under the Interstate Treaty on Online Gambling, all forms of online gambling are outlawed in Germany. As part of this law it’s technically prohibited for players to access international casinos. However, in 2016, the EU ruled that Germany cannot restrict the activities of foreign gambling operators. As a result, the government has never prosecuted anyone for playing at offshore casinos and it’s considered to be safe under the law.

❓ Are There Any Online Casinos Located in Germany?

Here’s where the laws get a bit confusing. At one time, the German state of Schleswig-Holstein created its own gambling laws and legally allowed online gambling as long as operators were licensed by the state. However, this only lasted for about a year. Regardless, the state issued about 50 licenses in that time - those operators were still allowed to operate until their licenses expired in 2018.

❓ Are Gambling Winnings Taxed in Germany?

Overall, you will be taxed on gambling winnings if you’re in Germany. The German government requires that casinos, online casinos and poker sites pay taxes at a rate of 19% on gross gaming revenue. Sports bets are taxed at 5% and the lottery is taxed at 20% of the wager. There are also standard taxes and VAT which apply in Germany.

❓ Which Offshore Casinos Can I Access from Germany?

We’ve put together a solid list on this page of offshore casinos which accept German players. These sites are not licensed by the German government, but we’ve verified that they are licensed in other reputable jurisdictions like Curacao and Malta. If you plan to search for German offshore casinos on your own, you should always look for the site’s gaming license first to make sure it’s safe.

❓ Will Online Casinos Ever Be Legal in Germany?

Fortunately, the answer is yes! The German government plans to amend the current gambling laws and begin offering gambling licensed to online casinos in the country. This change will take effect on July 1, 2021. After that date, German players will be able to access and play at legal online casinos which have been licensed by the German government.