Country: New Zealand


❓ Is Online Gambling Legal in New Zealand?

Technically it is legal to gamble online in New Zealand. However, it’s only legal to gamble at offshore online casinos which are located outside of the country. We’ve put together a list of the best offshore casinos accepting New Zealand players. Other forms of legal gambling in New Zealand include slots, lottery games, sports betting, and casino gambling at licensed casinos.

❓ Do Offshore Casinos Accept NZD?

New Zealand is a pretty big gambling market, yet it doesn’t have its own online casinos. As a result, many of the top offshore online casinos accept New Zealand players as well as the New Zealand dollar as currency. Every offshore online casino we recommend is safe for New Zealand players. However, you should always check that an offshore casino site is licensed by the proper organization in the country where it’s based.

❓ What are the Gambling Laws in New Zealand?

The Gambling Act of 2003 is the most significant recent gambling law to pass in New Zealand. This law effectively banned all forms of gambling unless authorized by the government. That means Kiwis can legally play the lottery, place sports bets, and gamble at land-based NZ casinos as long as operators are properly licensed. This law also makes it clear that online gambling in NZ is illegal, but does not prohibit offshore online gambling.

❓ Is Gambling Popular in New Zealand?

Overall, gambling is a very popular pastime in New Zealand. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 80% of all New Zealanders engage in some form of gambling. That’s about 3.6 million people out of the country’s total population of about 5.1 million people. In general, the most popular form of gambling in NZ is the state-run lottery.

❓ Must I Pay Taxes on Offshore Gambling Winnings in NZ?

New Zealand does not require that players pay taxes on gambling winnings earned while playing at international (offshore) casino sites. These winnings are not subject to any New Zealand income tax. However, there are various taxes on other forms of legal gambling in NZ. This is controlled by the national Gambling Commission which issues licenses to all legal NZ gambling operators.