Best Online Casinos in Poland


✅ Is online gambling legal in Poland?

In general, online gambling is illegal in Poland. However, the state-run organization Totalizator Sportowy does run an online gambling site. This is the only truly legal way to gamble online in Poland. While there are offshore casinos that accept Polish players and even złoty as currency, it’s illegal for these sites to operate in Poland. The Polish government keeps a blacklist of offshore casino sites that are prohibited, and the list continues to grow.

✅ Can I play at offshore casinos from inside Poland?

While there are some offshore casinos that accept Polish players, you are taking a risk by playing at those sites since this activity is technically illegal in Poland. The Polish government cannot restrict you from playing at international sites, but it does keep a running blacklist of offshore casino sites. As a result, it’s a bit difficult to find an offshore casino in Poland that has not been blacklisted by the government.

✅ What forms of gambling are legal in Poland?

Poland actually has some of the most restrictive gambling laws in Europe. However, there are still plenty of ways to gamble in the country. That said, all legal gambling in Poland is controlled by the government. There are 15 land-based casinos in Poland where players can legally gamble. There is also a state lottery which is managed by the state-run company Totalizator Sportowy. Horse race betting and sports betting is also allowed via companies that are licensed by the state.

✅ Is sports betting legal in Poland?

Yes it is, but legally it’s only allowed via licensed operators. Those operators must be licensed by the state. Today, there is plenty of legal sports betting in Poland. Football is the most popular sport for betting, making up about 70% of all Polish sports bets. Some of the biggest legal Polish sportsbooks include Totolek, STS, and Professional.

✅ What is the legal gambling age in Poland?

Overall, you will need to be at least 18 years old to legally gamble in Poland. If you want to partake in any state-run sports betting or horse betting, you must be at least this old. It’s the same for the Polish lottery and the lone state-run online gambling site run by Totalizator Sportowy. This website has a strict age verification process to ensure players are of legal age.