Best Casinos For Russian Players 2020


Is online gambling legal in Russia?

Overall, online gambling is strictly prohibited in Russia. This occurred after a law was passed in 2006. That law effectively banned all types of online gambling and wagering of any kind. You won’t find any legal or licensed online casino sites operating inside Russia, but you will be able to find international casino sites that accept Russian players.

What are the offshore casino laws in Russia?

This is a tricky area of Russian law. We say that because, in truth, Russia has really clamped down on international casino gambling sites. In fact, a 2012 court ruling forced Russian ISPs to block offshore casino sites on a government-issued blacklist. Russian ISPs can lose their licenses if they don’t comply, so unlike most other countries, this ban is strictly enforced.

Can I access international gambling sites from inside Russia?

It’s true that some offshore casinos do accept Russian players, but this is risky for the player. Russia strictly enforces its offshore casino blacklist and ISPs in the country do block most of these sites. In fact, more than just international casino sites are blocked - many gambling information sites are blocked too. If you find an offshore casino that accepts Russian players and isn’t blocked, understand that you’re taking a risk by playing there.

Are there international casino sites with Russian language options?

Yes there are! However, you might have a hard time finding one that isn’t blocked inside Russia. In general, you’ll see a casino’s language options on its homepage. Most offshore casinos support a very wide range of language options, and Russian is typically on the list. Just be aware that the Russian government strictly enforces its ban on all online gambling.

Is land-based casino gambling legal in Russia?

While Russia does have strict gambling laws, it does allow some land-based casino gambling. That said, a law passed in 2009 restricted this to just four specific areas in the country. Presently, only Azov City, Siberian Coin, Yantarnaya, and Primorye have legal gambling zones with licensed casinos. Inside these zones, you’ll find some excellent casinos offering all the luxuries of the best casinos around the world.