Best Online Casinos in Singapore


Is online gambling legal in Singapore?

Singapore actually has some very clear laws surrounding online gambling activities. Unfortunately, online casino sites are not allowed under these laws. Specifically, only a few state-run lottery games are allowed online in Singapore. All other types of online gambling and betting are illegal in Singapore.

Can I play at offshore casino sites from inside Singapore?

You might be able to find some international casino sites that accept players from Singapore. However, Singapore also has some pretty clear laws surrounding this. These laws explicitly state that it’s illegal for players to gamble at these sites. The maximum punishment is a $5,000 fine or 6 months in jail if a player is caught. The government also maintains a blacklist of banned sites that all ISPs must follow.

Are there licensed online casino sites in Singapore?

No there are not. Overall, the only form of legal online gambling is state-run lottery. These sites are setup and maintained by the government so they don’t need to apply for specific licenses. However, being state-run, these lotteries are very safe for players and offer some robust player protections if there are any issues.

Are there legal land-based casinos in Singapore?

Yes there are. It all started back in 2010 when a long-standing ban on these establishments was lifted in an effort to generate more tourism. Within just a year of the ban being lifted, several gorgeous casinos opened in the country. Today, there are many casinos in Singapore and they generate several billion in total annual revenues.

Is online sports betting legal in Singapore?

Yes it is, but only through state-run organizations known as Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools. These operators began accepting online bets in 2016, but had lots of issues along the way. As a result, neither has become very popular with the local population. Many locals prefer to use riskier international betting sites instead.