Best Online Casinos in Switzerland


❓ Is online gambling legal in Switzerland?

After the Money Gaming Act came into effect in early 2019, online gambling became legal in Switzerland. However, it’s only legal if done via online casinos that are licensed by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board. In fact, the Swiss government has cracked down on offshore casino gambling and has blocked access to almost all of these sites from inside Switzerland.

❓ Can I play at an offshore casino from inside Switzerland?

At one time, the answer would have been yes, but things have changed. When the Money Gaming Act passed, it legalized online gambling at licensed Swiss online casinos but also outlawed gambling at offshore casino sites. Today, the Swiss government actively blocks offshore casino sites so most of the top offshore casinos aren’t available to Swiss players.

❓ Who controls gambling in Switzerland?

At the federal level, gambling regulations are enforced by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board. This organization administers all casino licenses for land-based and online casinos. However, sports betting and lotteries are controlled by organizations specific to individual Swiss cantons or states. It’s important to note that there is no state monopoly over gambling in Switzerland - these organizations only regulate the practice, they are not gambling operators.

❓ Is land-based casino gambling legal in Switzerland?

Yes it is! Land-based casinos can be run by private corporations as long as they have the proper licenses from the Swiss government. These licenses are issued by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board, the main gambling authority in Switzerland. There are two different types of land-based casino licenses in Switzerland, and each one allows different stakes and types of games.

❓ Are other forms of gambling legal in Switzerland?

There’s actually a wide range of legal gambling options in Switzerland. In fact, it’s one of the best countries in Europe for gamblers. You can legally partake in lottery games, sports betting, skill games, games of chance, tournaments, and casino games. However, these activities are only legal if administered by operators licensed by the Swiss government.