Amatic Casino

Amatic Industries has been working in the casino gaming industry for more than 25 years. Based in Austria, the company is part of the Leading Companies Austria business network. The company is focused on providing high-quality, fair casino games that utilize all the latest technology. Every game made by Amatic Industries is tested to comply with strict international gaming standards. Amatic works closely with regulators in order to verify and certify its games for legal online casino play.

Amatic industries offers a wide range of casino games. The company started out by making physical slot machine cabinets for land-based casinos. The company still makes these today, but now focuses more on online casino games. Amatic’s game library includes mainly online slots. The company also makes multiplayer online games like roulette and poker.

Almost all of these games are designed for export outside of Austria. Amatic says that at least 90% of its online casino games are made specifically for export to gambling markets in the USA. To achieve this, Amatic works closely with US gambling organizations to ensure that all the company’s games are safe and fair for all players.